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Customized Solutions for a Select Group of Families



​We create highly customized and personal solutions designed to address your specific financial needs.  We believe you are more than just a "one-stop shopping" investment strategy and that everything we do is completely transparent and flexible ...



​With roots dating back to 2002, Madrona Wealth Management LLC was formed with a sole purpose; to provide personalized service to a select group of families wanting a single point of contact for all their financial needs ...


Madrona Wealth Management exists because of you.


Our relationship relies on your trust and commitment, just as you rely on ours.  The firm was created specifically to satisfy the needs of our "Family Members" and focuses solely on this purpose without any conflicts of interest or hidden compensation.


Over the years, our Principals have served three generations in a capacity which extends well beyond simple "financial advice".

Madrona Wealth Management LLC is a registered investment advisor, registered in Oregon, Minnesota, Texas, and Washington.  We may only transact business in states where appropriately registered, excluded or exempted from registration.  Individualized responses to persons that involve either the effecting of transactions in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, will not be made without registration or exemption.

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