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Private Client Services 


With roots dating back to 2002, Madrona Wealth Management LLC was formed with a sole purpose; to provide highly customized, personalized advice to a small group of families wanting a single point of contact for all their financial needs.


We created this company to address your feedback.  Many of you had disappointing experiences at other firms, often tied up in investments which penalized you to sell, or having received investment advice which was not consistent with the needs you had communicated to your financial advisor.  We also heard of situations where your "broker" was paid every time a transaction was recommended, and often, it was never readily disclosed just how much your investment person was paid.


To address these issues, we created a completely transparent, fully disclosed structure where you know exactly what you are paying, with no hidden compensation and no surprises.  Our strategies are customized to address your specific needs, and are completely liquid and flexible.  You are not tied up with termination penalties and are able to easily transfer all your investments if ever desired.  We also provide highly detailed periodic reporting so you can readily measure our success within the context of the market environment.


Madrona's Principal began in the investment industry in 1988, managing individual and trust investment strategies and developing investment products for a number of national banks, regional brokerage firms and a retirement plan consulting firm.  His analytic and technical expertise grew from these experiences and was not a result from an investment sales background.


Madrona Wealth Management LLC is located in Portland, Oregon and serves clients across the US.

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